The right image makes all the difference

Too many companies use rather staid and tired looking stock images on their web pages. In fact there are a good number of resources that provide great quality images that can be used for free and add a boost to  your web pages and blog posts.

H P C are always looking for the “right” image and have found many of the stock suppliers to be expensive and restrictive. We are keen users of Unsplash which has over 130,000 contributors and 70 million downloaders from every city around the world. Their vast library is the antithesis of cheesy or bland and recognised for consistent quality. As keen users we have also become part of the community and regularly contribute our own images to the site. We are delighted that we have the accolade of ranking in the top 10% of contributors for image views and also in the top 10% for downloads.

You can find our Unsplash page here >>

H P C & Photography

With suitable skills in house we are able to take photographs for your business, product or service to ensure your web pages have the images that present you in the right way. This is not about lots of cameras lenses and lighting or studios but more about getting a good picture that will work well online. Often capturing the moment on a phone camera is all it takes to hit the spot.

That a picture paints a thousand words is a very true statement when it comes to your web pages and short visitor attention spans. Website images need to work hard on the page, on phone screens as well as social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Attractive images with the appropriate naming and meta details will also help boost SEO .

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Above are some images that we have produced for clients. They have appeared effectively on web pages blog posts and across social media channels.
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