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SEO or search engine optimisation is a process of adapting your web pages to make them more findable by the search engines and to help your page appear towards the top of the search results. In turn they become more likely to be seen by your potential customers. Our optimisation services can help you site and pages get better ranking positions.
Get In Touch To Boost Your Website Ranking

What We Offer

To get the most effective results from the optimisation of your website we will typically go through the following stages:

  • We gain an understanding of what are the appropriate key phrase, words or terms your business/website needs to rank for
  • We audit your web pages to identify what work might need to be done
  • We consider all areas, technical, on-page, locality and in-bound
  • We then advise in detail on any changes or updates that can be made along with strategy and tactics to keep old and new pages ranking well in the future.
  • SEO is a marathon not a sprint and we can help you navigate the long course to a successful finish

Search Engine Objectives

Search engines want to surface the best possible content for their users and to do this employ complex algorithms to establish how a page ranks which involve several hundred different elements. These are constantly changing and under review as they seek to improve how they perform. It is worth noting however that some elements are more important than others. Bear in mind that the Google index is now “mobile first” rewarding sites that are lean speedy and responsive also security in the form of https: is very important.

Another concept to add into the mix is linking. Each site that links to you will be considered a vote, recommendation or an endorsement of your page – this will contribute to a better ranking. However not all votes are equal, highly rated authoritative sites such as large institutions or reputable sources such as Wikkipedia or educational sites (.edu) contribute more credibility to your page and the reverse is also true where links and connections from very lowly sites or “bad neighbourhoods” such as a spammy paid listing or purchased links can have a negative effect.

The search engine optimisation of your page or site for the major search engines needs to match those parts of the search algorithm that carry the most weight and impact for your ranking. Get it right you can drive high volume traffic – get it wrong and you content can remain hidden with little or no visibility. H P C can help you navigate this complex area, finding a path to better visibility.

HPC SEO Case Study

Some years ago working on SEO for a traditional local butcher we identified that there was appropriate key phrase "cuts of beef guide" that had good ranking potential. The phrase had a a good monthly volume however the existing pages that matched that result were weak.

We created suitable high quality content and optimised a page on their website with the right URL, title, headlines and images. This useful page has become popular and has achieved many shares and inbound links. As a result it consistently ranks well in the search results achieving 1-5 positions on the first page, punching above its weight against organisations such as the BBC and Wikipedia.

Getting many high rank impressions in the search results delivers plenty of click through. As a result the single page is boosting site traffic overall, pulling in many new visitors.  It also boosts the ranking for all the pages on the site as a whole.

The page is regularly updated to keep the content fresh, relevant and ahead of competitor pages. Maintaining content in this way will keep the benefits flowing for some time to come.

See “cuts of beef guide” results here >>

How Search Engines Work

A search engine will crawl the web and collect data on every page it can find. When you perform a search for a word or phrase with them a two stage process occurs (albeit very quickly). First they pull together from their database all pages that match your search term. Next they rank those pages according to what they think is a best match for your term. These results are then presented to you with the best match first – in their view. These results are know as the organic search rankings.

So for example if you perform a search with Google for “website evaluation” you will typically see a message “About 199,000,000 results (0.22 seconds)”. As a searcher I am not going to look at all those results however I am likely to consider clicking on those that appear on the first page and maybe the second. In which case only those pages in the first twenty sites stand a chance of getting my click and a visit to their site.

SEO is therefore about getting found as a possible match for a suitable search term with any search engine (and that the match links to a suitable page for your product or services).¬† Then ranking well for that term so that you appear higher up in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) – preferably the first page, which will get most of the clicks.