This was a topic covered in a copy-writing course I delivered last week for a room of events and conference marketers.

Plenty of amusement as we looked at some of the well worn clichés that pepper so much of the marketing material that is created in print, email and on websites. Seeing what annoys readers most can help marketers and copy writers avoid those pitfalls in the future. The Plain English site has some good examples.

The PR agency Twelve Thirty Eight have just published a report a list of recent buzzwords, jargon, terms and tactics that will get readers teeth grinding . They focus on what is most likely to drive journalists crazy but its great comment and should be avoided in any copy.

They also offer this good advice

“In general, try to write in English. Why not read back what you are sending out to see if you could imagine a real person ever saying it out loud.”

You can download the report here

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