You can make changes to your inbound marketing now that will improve results right away.

Start now

Start now

Marketing your business, products or services is a constant activity and might better be described as a marathon rather than a sprint.

However there are actions you can take immediately that will deliver in the short term.

Micheal Lieberman has made a great post on the Marketing Pilgrim blog that gives you ten practical actions you can take to drive better results from your inbound marketing activity.

Take a look and see what you could be doing differently. The one that really gets my attention is #3 Appealing to all stages of the buying process. Most of your site visitors will not be ready to “buy now” or to get in touch right away via “contact us” what can you do to engage with them and nurture that contact into a conversion.

1. Make sure your website has the right messaging.
2. Add graphic call to action buttons on your website home page and across all your pages. Simple links just don’t cut it anymore.
3. Add offers to your website and make sure they appeal to people at all stages of the buying process. Most business websites have a single offer, ‚ÄúContact Us.‚ÄĚ This makes sense for those people who are ready to speak with you. But what about all those other visitors who aren‚Äôt ready?
4. Add a blog and make sure you are blogging at least 3 or 4 times a week.
5. Share your blog content with everyone who follows you on social media.
6. Share your blog content and other educational material with key groups on LinkedIn.
7. Create dedicated landing pages that use best practices to convert visitors into leads.
8. Build out a lead nurturing email series (aka campaign) to continue the conversation with new leads even after they download your educational materials.
9. Identify two or three other websites that your prospects frequent and offer to share your educational material with their visitors, drive them back to your site and capture their contact info. Reusing content is very important with inbound marketing.
10. Track and test everything.

Start now and the results will follow.