Lead generation with landing page form

Lead generation with landing page form

When you create content for your site, social platform or blog don’t forget to ask yourself “why am I doing this?”. ¬†The answer should be – lead generation for my business or enterprise.

You can find plenty of advice all over the internet (including this blog) on the virtues of creating great content that will have perfect SEO potential, rank well, draw in volumes of traffic and engaged the readers attention. It is however the next stage that will deliver you some return for the time and resource you put into creating the content. That is creating a lead from what was previously an unknown and anonymous individual.

Anum Hussain at Hubspot has written a very handy beginers guide about leads and how to capture them. She offers the following definition:

A lead is a person who has in some way, shape, or form indicated interest in your company’s product or service.

The key thing here is “indicated interest” this is what changes your marketing from an unwanted cold call or interruption (likely to annoy or frustrate the recipient) to a “Thanks for your interest, how can I help you?”. So you should be considering your content as material that will prime potential customers about your business, create a positive impression of your service or product and put them on a path towards making a sale. You should also consider that your lead is not an action but a collection of data about an individual (name, email, phone, etc.) along with supporting information about their interest (range, colour, price, usage etc.)

Stages of lead generation

Great content will not generate leads on its own you need to ensure that you have some supporting components in place.

Lead Generation Funnel

Lead Generation

1. You content attracts traffic

2. Place a prominent call to action on your page

3. A landing page (form) collects information and creates a lead

4. Respond and nurture lead along the sales process

5. Make sale.


Alongside or within your content you need to place a clear call to action (CTA).  Consider using buttons to make the CTA prominent and obvious, incentivise the action by making an offer (keep these relevant to visitor and your business).  Free guides, tips, white papers etc all make good reasons for a visitor to complete a form and become a lead.

On the landing page itself keep it clear and uncluttered, remove any unnecessary navigation. Restate the benefits of what the visitor will receive or get access to once they have completed the form.

On the form section make sure you ask for the right information. Don’t make it a burden for the user but do collect the information you need. This infographic from¬†http://www.invesp.com¬†is helpful

Get your landing page right for lead generation

Get your landing page right for lead generation

Once the visitor presses submit then your content has done its work and a real lead has been generated. The next task is to nurture that lead (maybe with follow up material, email or phone call) along your sales process.

If you would like any help or advice on how to get this process right on your own site please get in touch