The holiday season is upon us, time to wind down from work and take a break and enjoy a happy Christmas with family and friends.

Plan Ahead For Next Year

If your business is a bit quieter at this time of year it can be a great time for starting a plan for the new year ahead.

If you are time poor or lacking in resources to keep your online marketing campaigns up to speed during the year having a clear plan to follow can make life a lot easier and remove a lot of headaches further down the road.

One of the best starting points for generating inbound traffic to your site is to create high quality, relevant content. Where to start when faced with a blank page or screen however can be a daunting task. You need to create fresh regular posts that will engage with your target audience. Having a content calendar can help you sort out whats needed in advance (NB text, images and social posts are all content) .

First decide what your objectives or goals are: A direct request for your product or service, registration to an email list, directing footfall to your premises. They will be many different goals that are right for your business. Now consider how to incorporate them in your plan. Think about who you are speaking to, there might be different approaches to different product or service users or maybe different age groups?

Next consider what content you can produce. Write content that corresponds with how your customers might approach the topics around your business products or services. Answer the questions you are most often asked, resolve the objections that most often occur. Plan what text and images you might need. What do you have in house or what might need to be sourced elsewhere?

Next take you content ideas and build a spread sheet or table to organise what will be needed each month. List what you might post on you site and which social media channels you can use to reach a wider audience. Look at the seasons, holiday periods and an industry highlights that you can incorporate to keep things topical.

With the problem broken down into manageable chunks ahead of time it is much easier to get prepared. Stick to the plan, and eliminate the stressful last minute bottlenecks by preparing content well in advance.

Getting Extra Resource

As ever, if you would like some extra resource in creating a plan or producing the content please get in touch

We wish you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2020