Brands  become publishers

Brands become publishers

Interesting stats on changes in the way digital content is being consumed. If you are embracing content marketing for your business there are good pointers on the channels you should use and note how consumers are sharing via social media.

The research (from Uberflip – a content marketing startup who produce content for all types of digital devices) compared key usage data from February 2010 through February 2013. They used Google Analytics data and their proprietary Uberflip Metrics platform. Over that time, their digital content reader registered 28,176,470 unique visits, with an average reading time of 5:44 in February 2013 – up 347% from 1:17 in 2010.

“Years ago companies and brands were blasting content to their audience via email,” says Uberflip CEO Yoav Schwartz. “Now, brands are increasingly enabling the virality of their content by leveraging social channels. The communication is increasingly two-way and spamming is no longer tolerated. Facebook and Twitter are leading the way, but brands are quickly taking to LinkedIn and Pinterest so I expect them to steal a bigger cut of the pie in the coming years.”

The research also shows the rise of video as a key component of content marketing by brands. The data shows that video content has risen 3.7x to 22% of brands incorporating video into their digital content.

It was this section of the infographic that caught my eye.


Questions you should consider:

  • How is my content being distributed? Has my marketing adapted to any shifts my audience has made to different (not email) platforms
  • Is it easy to share my content via social channels? Is it helpful, engaging, fun, valuable or rewarding – in short something that wants to be shared?
  • How often do we test new networks that could become popular with my customers or target audience? Don’t get stuck in a rut, new channels appear all the time and old ones are overtaken.

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