When you review or embark on a social media strategy for your business do you look at how many tweets or posts you have made and wonder if it is all worthwhile?

You might also consider how much is enough to get the best result.

Hubspot (Who supply marketing software) have released a great report (based on 7000 businesses) that really shows what benefit you can achieve according to the volume of output on you website and social media channels.

They clearly show that website traffic and leads increase substantially with your output for example, companies with over 50 employees and 1000+ web pages see an enormous 9.5 x more traffic than companies with under 51 pages.

Don’t be daunted by the scale of that excerpt. If you do not have the resources the report also shows that just increasing you blog posts by 3 or 4 each month can almost ¬†double the number of leads generated for your business.

Scale helps however a modest increment in you social media output can pay a significant dividend. Worth thinking about and planning for.

You can download the free report here