As part of your link building strategy making lists of the individuals or groups you want to target is the best way of organising your effort and being efficient. Having good lists not only ensures you¬†don’t¬†miss out any easy¬†opportunities¬†but the process of creating the lists also helps you to think more broardly around you topic, industry or business objectives.

Last week¬†Ken McGaffin and Garrett French published a really helpful article on the Wordtracker Academy site “59 lists you really must have to build links

They identified three types of list:

1) Lists that can be used right away to generate links. For example, draw up a list of ‚Äėmagic middle‚Äô blogs in your industry and start approaching them.

2) Lists that will make you think a bit deeper and incorporate business objectives into your thinking. For example, draw up a list of sites that already link to you and ask the question, ‚ÄúHow can I build on the relationship I‚Äôve already got with this site?‚ÄĚ

3) Lists that might puzzle you a bit and make you think that they’re not really about link building at all. For example, a list of at least 10 debates or controversies in your industry. These may not lead directly to links but they’ll strengthen the impact of your writing and that in itself will make your posts more linkworthy.

Have a look at the article it has some really great practical suggestions and is sure to prompt a few ideas for your own link building campaigns.