facebook mobile pagesYour business page will now have a better appearance when viewed on a mobile device. With nearly half of all the millions of page visitors accessing by mobile phone there has been an announcement from Facebook of an improved version of their business Pages, more tuned to the the way people interact on a mobile screen.

From the Facebook Studio post on the update

For Page visitors the design improvements are:

  • A cleaner, simpler look, with¬†better Page layouts for mobile viewing
  • More relevant information up front¬†so people can see the information they care about most ‚Äď such as location and photos ‚Äď at a glance
  • Streamlined and prominent ways to interact with Pages, including actions such as Like, Call, Message, and Share, all of which now appear at the top of Pages

For page admins and owners the new features are:

  • Higher-appearing pinned posts, where admins can pin important posts (including offers or videos) from their desktops; these posts are now front and center when Pages are accessed on mobile devices
  • Easier mobile management, allowing Pages owners the ability to easily switch between public and admin views directly from their mobile Pages/devices

These updates are now live however the initial roll out is only accessible via mobile browsers and the Facebook iOS app. New mobile Pages on the Android app are reported to be coming soon.

Good news for owners and admins is that you do not need to take any action in order to be ready for this however take a look at what’s on your page and how it looks in the new format. This is a great route to reach your audience make sure they see the right message at the top of their screen.