Businesses are getting back to “normal” work but life is very different in a post lockdown world for both for companies and their customers. As things pick up it will take some time before operations are getting back to the levels of previous years and B2C companies in particular being able to engage fully with their customers. Take steps now to reach out to customers will help your business get back up to speed. We look at some post pandemic tactics that can make a difference.

Keenest & Cautious Customers

Many businesses are back to normal but with some COVID measures habits still in place, there are many differences to the way they  interact with their customers particularly in retail and food. Anything from order and pay apps, to hand sanitising stations, checkout screens, product packages and menu changes, all of which can play a part in a customer’s decision to return.

Some will be keen to get back into shops, appreciating the novelty after such a long period of high-street closure. These customers will most likely return to your business without any prompting. The marketing task is in persuading them to visit your location over another.

Some customers are yet feel comfortable venturing out to the shops, even though they are safe to. These customers will need more encouragement to go to your store.

Post Lockdown Tactics & Tips

Consider your specific audience and customers and identify what their most likely purchasing routines have become. What is it that is stopping them from doing business with you in person. One thing that is consistently important in customers decision to return is familiarity and confidence.

During the pandemic your customers will have found new habits and preferences, work on what you customers prefer.

Here are some tips:

Consider segments within your customer base and address their concerns specifically. For older or vulnerable consumers, the risk of infection is still going to be a major concern, so emphasising messages around saftey will be helpful. Find different messages to engage with these groups

  • Incentives have been a key approach used after lockdowns throughout the pandemic.¬†Make the compelling really compelling and advertise/promote them well. An exciting offer will encourage those who will already be on the high street to spend their time with you and at the same time will help persuade those who may have reservations to venture out.
  • Send regular email to update customers focus on the different segments.
  • Use social media to emphasise different aspects. Social channels are also great way to hear and answer customer queries.

You can ask customers directly with a poll or survey Find out what they care about most in terms of returning. Find out if they have developed new preferences such online ordering and delivery options.

  • Host links to the survey on your blog
  • Post links and questions via your social channels
  • Include links in email newsletters

Overall keep in touch with your customer base,  familiarity is reassuring and one of the best ways to ensure your customers will return over time. Use all channels available to you so that updates can be seen in local search and social media not just your blog page or email.

Reach you customers

Get a post lockdown campaign started

Creating campaigns to reach your customers can be time consuming and hard to fit in. If you would like some advice or extra resource please get in touch

Reach you customers