twitter_whats_happeningIntegrating social channels with you event is a powerful tool for event or conference marketeers. Live tweeting from an event can really extend your event reach from the “room” out to a larger audience with significant benefits.

If you want to do it well and reap the rewards you need to plan in advance. Make sure that you have the resources in place before you start, tools, #hashtags, people and a clear view on what you want to share and why.

In a post on the Semoz Blog Ruth Burr gives a great selection of tips on how to tweet well from a delegates perspective.

As an event organiser use her suggestions as a checklist to ensure that tweeting from your event is successful and friction free. Communicate with your delegates before and during the day and they will participate. Have a member of your own team ready to contribute to the online reporting conversations

Get it right and you can enjoy a great burst of coverage and enthusiasm for your event. Ignore it by leaving it to chance and you miss a great opportunity.